Benjben-bruursema-_mg_4920-1amin Bruursema

IT Coordinator


Benjamin Bruursema joined Oxford as the IT coordinator in June 2015. He maintains the company tech environment as well as implements new solutions to help reduce costs and increase productivity. As a problem solver, Ben likes to tinker with a problem or computer to fix it. Ben enjoys what he does because he feels he is always learning. He started as a technology advisor for an international company, then moved to a support technician for a k12 school district. He then moved to desktop support at an automotive company where he was quickly promoted to a business analyst.

Ben is a true team player and strives to help everybody in the office to be the best they can be and reach their goals.  He treats every experience as something to grow from and only makes recommendations if he feels they are best for the group as a whole. Being a tech guy, he enjoys scripting and tinkering with anything computer related.  He also loves playing video games with his wife.