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Oxford Closes Sale of 2755 Carpenter

Former Oxford Companies’ property, located at 2755 Carpenter Road, has been sold to local Ann Arbor business, University Bank. With Oxford’s expertise of the building, it’s systems and tenants, as well as local and regional[…]

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Oxford Brokers the Purchase of Two West Side Residential Properties

  Alex Perlman, Associate Director at Oxford Companies has brokered the purchase of two residential properties on Ann Arbor’s west side, totaling $2.47 million. The properties, located at 1484 West Liberty and 1540 Siller Terrace[…]

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Oxford Named Top-20 Metro Detroit Nonresidential Properties Managers

Crain’s Detroit has recently announced the largest nonresidential property management companies in metro Detroit, and Oxford Companies has been ranked in the top 20! With the publication of this list, Oxford is excited to say[…]