Oxford Prepares for Fall Move-In 2015

Soon summer days will cool to typical fall temperatures while preparations heat up for incoming student residents. This year, Oxford implemented an early move-in program for those who wanted to participate but the bulk of[…]

Featured Tenant – Spry Publishing

Spry Publishing is a premier publisher of health books and media, offering valuable content on a wide range of medical subjects, focused on patient education and disease state awareness. With an extensive list of accredited[…]

Colors of Cancer

The American Cancer Society hosted the Colors of Cancer Run at Rolling Hills Park on Sept. 13. The first year of what will be an annual event, Oxford was proud to be among the sponsors.[…]

Oxford Spotlight – Sue Globke

Sue joined Oxford in June of 2013 to provide a conduit between the accounting department and residential property management and leasing to optimize the flow of work and communication among staff, clients, customers and vendors.[…]

Oxford Welcomes Students Back Home

  On August 31, Oxford held its annual Move-In and welcomed students back to Ann Arbor. The day was filled with food, music, sunshine and Oxford. To ease the transition, t-shirts and coupons from local[…]

Kris Kolman – Accounting Generalist & Dad

“I love knowing that my work is valued and appreciated; that I am working as part of an amazing team of people who all possess great skills and knowledge that gives me the opportunity to[…]

Midsummer Economic Reflection

In June we hosted our annual investor party at Ann Arbor Golf and Outing. In addition to reporting on the operations of individual properties, we use the opportunity each year to take a step back[…]

Good to Great—a review

by Jim Collins; reviewed by Andrew Shipman I picked up the book: Good to Great because a few business leaders I respect recommended it to me. Although I am only a few chapters in, I[…]

A Vision for City-Owned Properties Downtown

Big change is on the horizon for the downtown area, at least according to two local developers, Ed Shaffran and Peter Allen, who weighed in on the recent valuation of the City’s downtown properties in[…]