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315 E. Eisenhower Pkwy: Burlington in Ann Arbor, MI

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What’s the Burlington building in Ann Arbor?


It’s one of our most popular, objectively beautiful buildings, at 315 E. Eisenhower Pkwy. This unique and iconic building is also known as part of the Burlington complex. Built in the 1970s with the involvement of Don Chisholm, a well-known figure in local real estate, Burlington is beautifully designed and to incorporate natural elements and proximity to many local amenities. Its convenient location in the Southside of Ann Arbor has made it a popular option for businesses seeking Ann Arbor office space.

What do we like about 315 E. Eisenhower Pkwy?

It’s just a really beautiful building – super nice-looking on the inside and a definite gem in Ann Arbor commercial real estate. There’s a great garden-level atrium, tons of natural light, and a pond view from the windows. When it comes to views from your workspace, whether you’re in an office or at home, it’s hard to beat the vibes at 315. There’s plenty of parking, including dedicated spots in the deck, as well as overflow. The location is ideal as well – since it’s on the Southside, not far from downtown, you get the benefits of local restaurants and shopping centers without the crowds! Overall – it’s just a really great place to work. It feels more natural, and less concrete than the average office building.

What kind of businesses found their home at 315?

Lots! We enjoy working with Honigman, a law firm that takes care of a lot of local Ann Arbor businesses. HairClub also has a location in the building, and Endodontic Associates is there, too. We love working with all the tenants at 315.

Are there vacancies in the building? What types of tenants would we like to see move in?

We have a few vacancies at 315 and believe that almost any kind of business that needs office space would really love the building. We’d be thrilled to see a coffee bar or smoothie spot come in and take advantage of all the hustle and bustle happening in the building throughout the day. I also think self-care providers like mental health services or spas who are looking for Ann Arbor commercial real estate could do really well in the building.

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