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Key Factors for Tech Firms Choosing Ann Arbor Office Space

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What are the factors that tech firms should consider when selecting an office space in the Ann Arbor area? Our Oxford team has some suggestions!

We recently had the opportunity to contribute a guest blog for Ann Arbor SPARK, which is one of Ann Arbor’s great economic development organizations. Focused on supporting innovative businesses throughout Washtenaw and Livingston counties, SPARK works with public and private partners to provide services like talent attraction, business incubation and acceleration, and support for every stage of the development cycle.

With so many great neighborhoods in Ann Arbor, SPARK’s clients may find it challenging to decide where to locate their businesses when they’re ready for office space of their own. We were honored to offer insights that we hope will help them make informed decisions when selecting office locations.

Our suggestions are as follows:

  1. Consider an Ann Arbor SPARK Innovation Center if your tech company is in its early stages.
  2. Think about your staff’s preferences and values.
  3. Consider your costs.
  4. Decide if you’ll need room to grow.
  5. Incorporate your vibe into your vision.

Read the full blog post HERE for more about each of these suggestions and to learn about Ann Arbor SPARK.

Our entire city is shaped by world-class research, international influences, rich history, and a thriving arts and culture scene – making for a locale that will continue to drive a pioneering tech scene. Oxford is here to support these tech firms with integrated Ann Arbor commercial real estate services at every stage of their development.

Tech startups may also be particularly interested in Oxford’s newest program, OXIO SAFE. This new initiative offers free rent to qualified startups that are working Ann Arbor SPARK or other local incubator or economic development organizations, in exchange for future equity in their business. The acronym stands for Oxford Instant Office Simple Agreement for Future Equity, and move-in ready locations are available throughout the Ann Arbor commercial real estate scene.

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