best landlord in Ann Arbor

Best Landlord in Ann Arbor

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We are ecstatic that voters in our community have chosen Oxford as the Best Landlord in Ann Arbor, as part of The Michigan Daily’s Best of Ann Arbor 2021 program. Our aim is always to provide the best real estate services in Ann Arbor, and we’re proud to have this recognition!

The Michigan Daily says, “In many ways, the best landlord is the one you never see. We all hope for comfortable, well-maintained homes to keep the elements out and rents to keep our budgets balanced. Not only does Oxford Companies provide this, but when the rare pipe bursts or pest burrows, Oxford proves its worth.”

Thank you to our tenants, stakeholders, and community members who shared their Oxford experiences with The Michigan Daily. To learn more about finding an Ann Arbor home with Oxford, click HERE.

To read the full article from The Michigan Daily, click HERE.