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Oxford Featured Tenant: Marta Dwaihy

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Oxford Featured Tenant: Marta Dwaihy

Thai Massage and Bodywork

Desk workers, beware. That postural stress you may be experiencing which shows up as pain or weakness in the lower back and gluteal muscles may be caused by long periods of sitting. Massage, in additional to exercise, can counteract these imbalances caused by sitting. But whatever you’re your body condition, massage is increasingly being offered along with standard treatments for a wide-range of conditions and medical situations.  And let’s not forget the amazing benefits of stress reduction for increased quality of life, lower blood pressure and overall mental health.

Marta Dwaihy, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Her sessions are deeply meditative to help soothe the nervous system while opening the body to alleviate physical pain and structural issues. She operates out of her solo massage studio at 308 1/2 S. State St. Although the foundation of her practice is Thai Massage, she also incorporates a fusion of techniques including deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, lymph drainage and energy work. This combination helps to integrate body, mind and spirit.

Thai Massage, is a traditional form of bodywork that uses rocking motions, compressions, and stretches to increase flexibility, and improve posture and breathing. Thai Massage is traditionally done fully clothed on a floor mat, but depending on the needs of each client, Marta may suggest a mat or table session so that oil can be used as well.