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Introducing the Oxford Instant Office

Margaret WyzlicAnn Arbor Office Space

Oxford Companies introduces the Oxford Instant Office – a new collection of commercial office and Ann Arbor coworking units offering move-in ready amenities and a simplified leasing process.

Citing the changing needs of the business community, CEO Jeff Hauptman said, “When it comes to leasing Ann Arbor office space, organizations are more likely than ever to value flexibility, simplicity, and great service. That’s what we’re aiming to provide with the Oxford Instant Office.”

Designed to appeal to business owners and organizations that want to move into an office quickly, the “Oxford Instant Office” units are ready for immediate occupancy and feature furniture, wi-fi accessibility, carpeting, and a fresh coat of paint.

The leasing process for Oxford Instant Office units is simplified, with a short-form, easy-to-understand lease. Terms are available for as short as six months, with utilities and janitorial services included, and the entire process is expedited to get businesses into these units and Ann Arbor coworking space as quickly as they need.

Oxford Companies’ team is called the CREW, which stands for Constant Improvement, Respectful and Accountable, Exceed Expectations, and Work Together. The Oxford Instant Office initiative is designed with these values in mind – and the intention to continually improve the organization’s offerings, exceed the expectations of tenants and the Ann Arbor community, and work collaboratively and respectfully with the organization’s partners.

For more information about Oxford’s Instant Office and to begin the process of leasing one of these new spaces, visit