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Oxford CompaniesAnn Arbor Office Space

Oxford Companies has re-opened our Ann Arbor office space at the 777 Building in Ann Arbor’s Southside!

We’re thrilled to be coming back together more often as a CREW to continue innovating, working together, and solving problems.

Oxford Companies Ann Arbor

Margaret, Anastasia, Kelly, and Katie catching up after many months of working together, remotely.

Since March 2020, we’ve followed the guidelines and requirements of local and state health officials, the CDC, and MIOSHA to the letter, because our CREW’s health and safety is incredibly important to us. Many of our staff members left our Ann Arbor office space and worked from home for over a full year – from March 2020 until July 2021. Those who didn’t, like our maintenance and repair technicians, HVAC staff, and others, followed strict requirements for masking and physical distancing, and we implemented lots of changes for our CREW and tenants alike to promote safety. But now – many restrictions have been lifted, and we’re delighted to share that we’ve started the process of re-occupying our office space by welcoming staff back, two days per week (sometimes more depending upon their job requirements).

Property Management team

Kim, Tamber, and Ubusuku from our Property Management team.

Our CREW has always been at the heart of our business, and we pride ourselves at Oxford on prioritizing our company culture. We asked the CREW what part of going back to our Oxford Ann Arbor office space would be most exciting, and here are some of our favorite answers.

  1. “I love that I don’t have to make coffee in the morning! Plus, Zoom is mostly business – being in the office leaves a little room for chatting.” – Michael Edwards, CRE Analyst
  2. “There are some newer coworkers that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in-person yet – so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s faces!” – Sara McDuff, Portfolio Manager
  3. “I started at Oxford in 2020, when the office staff was working remotely – so I’m just excited about experiencing what it’s like to work in the Oxford office. I’ve heard great things!” – Chelsea Rager, Assistant Portfolio Manager
  4. “To me, it’s not just about seeing everyone, although that will be great – it’s about seeing everyone WORKING together. I don’t believe a virtual workforce will ever be as powerful as in-person collaboration.” – Joe Mifsud, Director of Property Management
  5.  “I’m looking forward to all the comradery – saying good morning in the hallway, talking about our weekends while we grab coffee, saying happy birthday and congratulations to coworkers in person – it’s so nice to just interact face-to-face after not having much virtual contact with some of the CREW.” – Lindsey Jaeger, HR Manager
  6. “Positive vibes are infectious. When we work alone, it’s easy to stay down in the dumps, but when  you work in an office full of cool people, it builds up a better mood!” – Brad Guerro, Construction Project Manager
  7. “I can’t wait to stop hearing, “You’re still on mute.”” – Darren Kummerer, Portfolio Manager
  8. “Random smiles and greetings from people during the day are the best – really looking forward to those.” – Charlie Huber, Architecture and Design Services Manager
  9. “We do so many fun things at Oxford! I can’t wait for in-person happy hours, CREW Huddles, and simple chats with coworkers.” – Danielle Seewald, Project Engineer
  10. “I’m WAY more productive working from the office. It took me twice as long to get my work done at home because of all the distractions.” – Winston Chester, CRE Analyst


Oxford Companies

Christian and Melissa catching up at the printing station.

Ann Arbor Southside

Anna, Andy, and Akash out to lunch in the Ann Arbor Southside neighborhood.

If your organization is looking for an Ann Arbor office space of its own, Oxford can help. Click HERE to see our commercial availabilities.