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6 Workspace Changes to Enhance Employee Productivity [Part 1]

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Workspace Changes for Employee Productivity

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a tour of your Ann Arbor office space speaks volumes. It demonstrates just how dedicated you are to building a better future for your business.

There’s a reason why Google invested millions to build a workspace that fostered creativity, innovative thinking, and group collaboration. There’s also a reason why the Pixar headquarters is filled with stunning vistas that are all themed around previous movie successes. These environments are designed to inspire some of the most talented artists, writers, and innovators in the world. Although most companies lack the capital to build the next Pixar or Google workspace, the end goal is still the same: Find ways to make your employees more productive – and happy.

In this short 2-blog series, we are going to review the top 12 affordable workspace enhancements that will make your office more functional – and enjoyable – for your employees.

1. Create quick info-sharing boards.

Paint a wall using chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint, and magnetic primer to create easy-to-read boards that can house important announcements, track team goals, and even improve employee production. These boards help keep everyone up-to-speed and offer a means to celebrate successes.

2. Create separate areas within your workspace.

Sure, everyone knows conference rooms are installed to house larger and louder group conversations off the main Ann Arbor office floor. But, have you ever considered implementing quiet, contemplative areas for your employees to retreat to when they must focus on intensive projects away from groups and noise?

A lot of modern workspace changes are embracing open environments, where employees aren’t tied to one desk and chair. Instead, they are free to roam and find the perfect spot for optimal production at that moment. This also allows employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle and take little breaks to pump-up energy throughout the day.

3. Consider how to optimize natural light.

At our most basic nature, humans respond to natural light. Light regulates melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain, both of which control wakefulness and mood.

As a result, companies should look to optimize the free light they have shining in as much as possible. Glass offices, walls, and doors have become popular in recent years. Even if windows are scarce, companies can manufacture a human’s positive reaction to light by installing natural daylight bulbs throughout the workspace.

4. Use colors.

Color affects mood and motivation. Humans respond to color in complex ways. Overall, we need a variety and balance of colors within our workspace environments. Consider your wall paint color. Instead of going with a monotone builder’s white, think about the emotions you want to evoke in each business space within your office.

Blue offers a calming feel, so it may be good for private study rooms. Orange inspires creativity, so group meeting rooms or sales floors may be a good fit. Green cleanses, making it ideal for kitchens and meditation spaces. Yellow inspires happiness, which is great in any space. Know your colors and their affect to better engineer the right mood within your employees.

5. Bring in plants.

On a scientific level, plants are amazing things to have lying around your office. They suck in pollutants and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. But plants aren’t just good for improving air quality; they add color to spaces and act as great stress-relievers. There are also a lot of positive psychological effects to bringing outside environments indoors.

6. Hide the cords.

Exposed nests of wires can be distracting and an eyesore. Find design solutions that organize and hide those electric snakes from plain sight.

So, there you have it. These are the first 6 quick tips to improve workspace changes without breaking the bank. Stay tuned for our next blog, which will reveal the final 6 ways to affordably improve your workspace function.

If you think you’re reaching the point where these quick fixes just aren’t going to do the trick much longer, then it may be time to set out and explore other workspace changes options. Check out our commercial property search

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