The Burlington Buildings in Ann Arbor: Premium Office Space

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Discover the Iconic Burlington Building: A Serene Haven in Ann Arbor’s Southside

Welcome to the Burlington Buildings – architectural gems thoughtfully designed to incorporate natural elements and offer proximity to numerous local amenities. Built in the 1970s under the guidance of Don Chisholm, a revered figure in local real estate, the Burlington complex stands as an objectively beautiful and popular option for businesses seeking premium office space in Ann Arbor.

Let’s delve deeper into what makes the Burlington Buildings exceptional and explore why they continue to captivate professionals seeking a harmonious work environment.

5 Key Highlights of the Burlington Buildings in Ann Arbor

1: Prime Southside Location with Easy Access to I-94 State Street Exit

The Burlington Buildings boasts ideal locations on Ann Arbor’s Southside, granting convenient access to major transportation routes. With close proximity to the I-94 State Street exit, commuting to and from the office is a breeze, ensuring smooth interactions with clients and partners from across the region.

2: Ample Parking and Beautiful Views of Pond and Trees

One of the Burlington’s standout features is its ample parking facilities, alleviating any parking concerns for tenants and visitors alike. Furthermore, the building offers picturesque views of a serene pond and lush trees behind the premises.

These lovely vistas from the windows create a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, enhancing productivity and fostering a positive work experience.

3: Beautifully Designed Interior with Garden-Level Atrium

Step into the Burlington Buildings and be greeted by a visually stunning interior featuring a garden-level atrium. The incorporation of natural light and open spaces creates a refreshing ambiance, making every workday feel rejuvenating and invigorating.

This unique architectural design sets the Burlington Buildings apart from conventional office spaces and has earned it recognition as a prime example of exceptional commercial real estate in Ann Arbor.

4: Diverse Range of Tenants and Welcoming Community

The Burlington Buildings have attracted a diverse range of tenants, representing a wide spectrum of industries. Renowned law firm Honigman, HairClub for Men, and Endodontic Associates are just a few of the businesses that have found their home at Burlington.

5: Exciting Opportunities for New Tenants

The Burlington Buildings currently have vacancies, presenting exciting opportunities for businesses seeking an extraordinary workspace. With its serene environment and stunning architecture, the building appeals to a wide range of businesses.

We eagerly welcome tenants from various industries, including self-care providers, mental health services, legal, and tech to take advantage of the vibrant community within the Burlington Building.

An Inviting Destination for Businesses in Ann Arbor

The Burlington Buildings at 305 – 325 E. Eisenhower Pkwy are a beacon of elegance and tranquility in Ann Arbor’s Southside. From their natural surroundings and beautiful views to the warm and inviting interiors, the Burlington Buildings create an inspiring work environment that enhances productivity and well-being.

With vacancies available, now is the perfect time to explore the possibilities and join the community of professionals thriving at Burlington.

For inquiries and leasing opportunities, get in touch with Karen O’Neil at 734-665-6500 or, or fill out our quick form and embark on a journey to embrace serenity and productivity in this iconic Ann Arbor office space.