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Oxford Housing Announces 20% Growth Since 2020

Oxford CompaniesAnn Arbor Residential Leasing, Commercial Real Estate

Oxford Companies, the leading Ann Arbor management company, is pleased to report a growth of 20% in the size of its campus and multifamily housing portfolio since the beginning of 2020.

Led by Associate Director of Property Management Katie Vohwinkle, the Oxford Campus and Multifamily Housing team will now manage over 1,000 beds in campus and multifamily housing properties, and work with more Ann Arbor owners than ever before to manage the maintenance, beautification, and operations of over 120 properties throughout the city.

Oxford CEO Jeff Hauptman said, “Even during the difficult year that was 2020, business in Ann Arbor continues to move forward. We’re continuing to drive our campus and multifamily housing division ahead because of the hard work that Katie and her team have put into every relationship they have with property owners throughout the city. We’re proud of how they’ve earned the trust of so many stakeholders, owners, and tenants – it shows in the results the team brings in.”

This most recent surge of growth in Oxford Housing’s portfolio is particularly attributable to the acquisition of a contract for 70 beds in homes owned by Dennis and Matt Tice in the University of Michigan campus area. The Tices signed on with Oxford because they were in need of comprehensive property management services from an Ann Arbor management company in February 2021 and have been pleased with Oxford’s handling of the management transition and the close attention to detail taken by Oxford’s team. “The Oxford team has been exceptional”, said Dennis Tice. “The staff’s professionalism, communication skills, and attention to detail have made our changes feel seamless. We feel like we’re working with exactly the right people”.

As Oxford Housing’s portfolio grows, the Ann Arbor management company’s ability to invest in products and processes that provide tangible benefits to owners, tenants, staff, and the community has increased as well. Virtual leasing resources, improved renewal processes, and negotiated pricing on amenities like higher-quality furniture are all advantages Oxford has developed because of the division’s growth. And, as the portfolio has expanded, Oxford Housing has steadily streamlined the leasing process (especially with virtual components) and secured a 4.1/5 rating from tenants.

2020 was a particularly challenging year for nearly every Ann Arbor management company, Vohwinkle credits Oxford’s success to our consistent focus on helping owners navigate the challenges of the pandemic and always looking for win-win scenarios. “The complications we encountered as the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 were intense. We stayed true to our values – exceeding the expectations of our tenants and owners with our safety practices, constantly improving the experience of our customers, and remaining accountable for the performance of the properties,”, said Vohwinkle. “We also want to make a strong impact on this community by taking great care of our properties – especially the historic ones with unique needs – so that when visitors come to Ann Arbor or a new family moves in, they see a beautiful city with well cared-for homes in the campus area and beyond. When Ann Arbor thrives, we all thrive.”